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    February 11th, 2018

    20171108_120342Even though 4 Sisters Tapas Restaurant is a different concept from neighboring Verona Woods and Sugar River Pizza, it doesn’t seem to be as busy as those two. After three visits, I am guessing it’s because of the imperfections of many dishes.

    For example, the short rib risotto ($21) has a good flavor and is helped by the au jus, but the short rib was slightly tough. Also, the price is a bit steep, especially considering a similarly sized portion at Graft costs $13.

    At least the seafood paella ($23) is more filling. It’s not at all dry, to the point that the paella is sort of soupy. You get a decent amount of mussels but not quite enough of the perfectly cooked shrimp.

    A special on one evening was duck breast, which was tender, not too gamy and complemented by the sweet blueberry sauce. Yum! It went well with the buttery polenta. Unfortunately, the dish was marred by the baby carrots, most of which were undercooked.

    In the portobello Napoleon ($11), you’ll find firm but tender mushrooms in a crunchy breading, topped with a sweet raspberry balsamic glaze, creamy mozzarella and spinach. All the components were tasty, but together they made the dish too rich. Other tapas include crab cake ($13), carpaccio ($14) and a cheese board (market price).

    20180201_162810The restaurant has a fairly large bar area, a nice place for happy hour. Among the bar foods, I chose the visually appealing duck confit nachos ($13). The smoked Gouda chipotle cheese is creamy deliciousness, but you only get a slight drizzle of it. The corn salsa is robust in flavor, and you receive a fair amount of duck. What’s the flaw in this dish? It’s the chips, which are just horrible. In fact, they make some generic brand chips taste good.

    The cocktail menu is sizeable. The Redemption old fashioned ($7) is well-crafted, with the right amount of bitters and actual muddled sugar and orange. Meanwhile, the New York sour ($9) is a unique drink. If you sip it without a straw, all you taste is the pinot noir floating on top. If you use a straw, you taste the bourbon at the bottom. I found the CBL gimlet ($8) refreshing, and I appreciated how stiff it was.

    4 Sisters Tapas Restaurant serves dinner Monday-Saturday.


    See more photos in our 4 Sisters Tapas Restaurant Flickr album.

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    Taiwan Little Eats

    February 4th, 2018

    20180125_121224Don’t confuse Taiwan Little Eats‘ name as meaning appetizers. Here, you’ll find a full menu–which was updated in late January–of “night market fare” and teas.

    For example, items in the “Little Eats” and “Big Bites” are large enough for a full meal. The Tainan braised pork ($8) is super tender and flavorful, and it’s served over rice alongside veggies and half a tea egg. The dish would have been worth its price with 25 percent more pork.

    The black pepper beef ($12) also is tender with a little bit of char, and it’s coated in a thick sauce. The beef is indeed peppery, but not in a bad way. I don’t think the entree needed the lightly cooked onions, which were very pungent.

    The unifying theme of the pork and beef, along with other entrees, is that they rely on the julienned carrots and broccoli to fill in for the lack of the main item. On my first visit, I noticed how many people didn’t finish the filler veggies or the overabundance of rice.

    I highly recommend the coffin toast ($7), which is a chicken potpie served in toast that’s shaped like a rectangular box. The pot pie is creamy and tastes like corn chowder, with the only imperfection being the giant pieces of potatoes. The toast tastes just like fried dough sticks, commonly found in dim sum menus.

    20180129_115920The vegetarian cold noodles also hit the spot ($9), though I’m not sure why this dish costs more than the heartier coffin toast. Anyways, the sesame paste was strong but not overpowering, and the fresh carrots, cucumbers, bean sprouts and cilantro added to the enjoyment of this dish.

    “Nibbles” include BBQ pork sausages ($5.50) and popcorn chicken ($5.50). Other than the $1 tea egg, which was too dry, nothing on the menu is less than $5.50. That includes the fried squid balls ($5.50), which are golden-fried, meaty and slightly salty. However, they’re smaller than average, and you only get six of them.

    For drinks, you have hot tea, milk tea, smoothies and fruit tea. You can choose from a variety of fruit choices, including mango and passion fruit. The lychee fruit tea ($4.15 for 16 oz., $5.15 for 24 oz.) was refreshing and had a strong lychee flavor. It had diced coconut jellies instead of pearls.

    Taiwan Little Eats is open every day for lunch and dinner.


    See more photos in our Taiwan Little Eats Flickr album.

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    The Chicken Run

    January 28th, 2018

    20180105_120115Are you in the mood for chicken tenders? Because that’s pretty much all that’s served at The Chicken Run, which opened late last year in Middleton.

    These tenders are called Chicken George, served in half-pound ($7.99 with fries and one sauce) and full-pound ($14.99 with fries and two sauces) portions. The never-frozen chicken is moist and meaty, lightly breaded and fairly bland.

    Fortunately, the Chicken Run has a bunch of sauces to help. Jan’s sauce is thin and tangy and was the best match for the chicken. Meanwhile, the Chicken Run sauce, which resembles thousand island in appearance but is actually savory, was a nice complement to the fries ($2.59 as a separate side). The fries are super thin and crispy–to the point they’re like chips–and are sprinkled with salt and pepper.

    For such a small menu, I was surprised to see hand-batter cheese curds ($3.99 small, $5.99 large). They, too, are lightly breaded, so you taste mostly white cheddar, plus they’re very greasy. They are best paired with the ranch sauce.

    The only other item is a fried Oreo ($0.99, or $2.59 for three). Extra sauces are 49 cents, but I think they should be free.

    The Chicken Run is open for lunch and dinner every day. The space is very small, so plan on carrying out or using the drive-thru.

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