Tips and More Info

The check boxes you see correspond to tags given to each restaurant and bar. All the check boxes function as "AND" searches in that the database will be queried to find restaurants and bars that have all the check boxes you selected. The exceptions are the LOCATION and CUISINE categories. You can only choose one at a time of each.

Search Box

Searching for something beyond the check boxes? Try using the search box. You can find restaurants and bars through their descriptions instead of their tags.

For example, type:

  • "Gammon" to find establishments on Gammon Road
  • "Capitol" to find establishments near the Capitol building
  • "Tea" to find establishments that serve tea

Please note that unless you type in a keyword from among the check boxes, the search box will work as an OR search when paired with the check box search. For instance, if you type in "cafe" and check "downtown," you will get results that include cafe OR downtown (this is because "cafe" is not a keyword).

Boundary Lines

Restaurants and bars are categorized geographically through the following boundaries.
  • Far West: Further west than the west boundary. MAP
  • West: Gammon Road/McKenna Boulevard to Raymond Road to Verona Road to Midvale Boulevard to University Avenue. MAP
  • Near West: Midvale Boulevard to Breese Terrace between Lake Mendota and Monroe Street/Odana Road. MAP
  • Downtown: Breese Terrace to Regent Street to Lake Monona to Blair Street to Lake Mendota. MAP
  • East: E. Johnson Street to First Street to Lake Monona to Hwy 12/18 to I-39/90. MAP
  • Near East: Blair Street to First Street between Lake Mendota and Monona. MAP
  • North: Lake Mendota to Stoughton Road between E. Johnson Street and Northport Drive. MAP
  • South: South of Regent Street, between Fish Hatchery Road, Hwy 12/18 and Lake Monona. MAP


This site has been tested and works on Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher, FireFox 2.0 and higher and Safari 3.0 and higher. If the search pages don't work for you, please make sure you are using one of these browsers. If you're still have difficulties, please let us know.
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