Knuckle Down Saloon

Hidden on a street parallel to Stoughton Road is the new Knuckle Down Saloon, which takes over the space formerly occupied by AREA 51. Even if you’re driving on the cross street of Pflaum Road, you’re likely to miss the bar and grill because it’s in a non-descript building on the seldom-driven Seiferth Road.

Knuckle Down had a soft opening (mainly to friends and family) until its grand opening on March 20. It still has a ways to go–food isn’t being served yet, it hasn’t determined how/when it will have live bands, the happy hour isn’t set and the talks of an outdoor volleyball court are still preliminary–but you certainly can get a cold beer, and that’s all that matters now.

Regarding the atmosphere, it is indeed a saloon-esque bar that feels like it could be located in a smaller Wisconsin city. For example, it serves free peanuts at the bar (throw the shells on the floor) and it’s not a place you would order a cosmo; yet at the same time, Knuckle Down takes credit cards (surprisingly) and serves Absinthe (complete with the spoon).

Without any advertising, Knuckle Down Saloon has done a good job of spreading the word about its existence, judging by its 400+ fans on Facebook and the large crowd on Saturday. That certainly bodes well for the future. In fact, I see a lot of potential in this bar and will return some day to grab a bite to eat.


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