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Eating at the World Cup

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

It should be no surprise that food is a major topic of discussion surrounding the World Cup, which runs June 12-July 13 all over Brazil and showcases 32 countries.

I understand that for any away team, you want your athletes as comfortable as possible, which makes sense that teams imported their own food to Brazil. For example, the U.S. players packed oatmeal, Cheerios, peanut butter and A1 Steak Sauce, and they even brought their own chef, according to an AP story. The Italians reportedly brought Parmesan, olive oil and prosciutto.

It turns out there’s another good reason for bringing your own food, as CNN revealed that the ┬áBrazilian consumer protection agency nailed two hotels for having expired food in their kitchens. The Italian and British teams are staying at those hotels.

I previously created a food version of the NCAA Sweet 16 and had planned to do it for the World Cup, but someone has already created the World Cup of Food. However, it doesn’t mirror the actual teams in the tournament; for example, you’ll see a story on Argentina (steak with chimichurri) vs. Canada (poutine).

What restaurants would be worth checking out? Fortunately, the Daily Meal created a list of the top 17 restaurants in Brazil. From that list, I would for sure want to try Kinoshita (Japanese) and Fasano (Italian).

That reminds me, what are some native Brazilians foods? I know of caipirinhas and fried bananas. Thanks to Celebrate Brazil for pointing out the most popular foods by region, like barreado (stew meat simmered with spices for 18 hours) in Southern Brazil.

Lastly, if you’re an American at the World Cup and you miss your comfort food, don’t worry–the concession stands sell Coca Cola, Budweiser, hot dogs and hamburgers, according to the menu. Or, you can always eat at a Brazilian McDonald’s, which has most of the American menu items.

7 tips for your Super Bowl party

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Next Sunday marks the annual tradition of gathering with friends to sit in front of a TV for eight-straight hours, watch two teams most people in the room don’t care about and eagerly anticipate commercials like teen girls camping out to see a “Twilight” movie.

To make the most of your Super Bowl experience, here are seven tips for a memorable and enjoyable party:

  1. Get a TV at least 60″ in size, 100″ to be safe. Doesn’t it always seem like the person with the smallest TV always hosts the party? It makes watching a game like sitting in the nose bleeds.
  2. CBS will promote its shows unmercifully. Why not turn the annoyance into a drinking game? For example, every time you see a commercial for “How I Met Your Mother” or “Elementary,” take a shot of tequila. By the end of the first quarter, you’ll have passed out, saving you from watching any more of those crappy promos.
  3. If there’s ever a lull in conversation, start a discussion on how the recently deceased Pauline Phillips (Dear Abby) would have advised Manti Te’o on his imaginary-girlfriend problems.
  4. Gambling is an excellent way to motivate people into caring about this game. I like Football Squares, in which you pay out every quarter based on the last digit of either team’s score. Or, if you want to steal your guests’ money, just run a Keno board (house edge is a whopping 25-29 percent).
  5. Don’t invite kids. Otherwise, you won’t be able to yell things like, “Holy sh*t! How can that f*cking ref be so goddamned blind? F***********ck!”
  6. What you serve depends on how many bathrooms your guests have access to. One bathroom = safe items like pizza, chicken wings and pulled pork. Two = riskier items like bean dip, spicy chili and chips made with Olestra. Three = I’m-getting-you-back-for-making-a-pass-at-my-wife items like laxatives in a drink or malaria.
  7. To make sure your guests have enough time to sober up for the drive home, stop serving drinks when the game is over. Because of course, everyone’s going to stay to watch an all-new episode of “Elementary” that immediately follows.

Eat like an Olympian

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

During the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the media made a big deal about Michael Phelps eating about 12,000 calories per day. Fast forward four years, and I don’t recall one story about this. I would have liked at least one story in which he talks about what he will eat now that he’s done with competition.

Anyways, I thought I’d put together a meal plan that consisted of 12,000 calories. You can see it’s an absurd amount of food, even with calorie-laden items like doughnuts. At six meals per day, a person would have to average 2,000 each sitting, roughly the entire calories an average person eats per day. All numbers are from

Meal Item Calories
Breakfast Biscuits and gravy (3)
Corned beef hash (1 cup)
Bacon (4 strips)
Orange juice (24 oz)
600 + 390 + 140 + 328 = 1,458
Mid-morning snack Jelly-filled doughnuts (2)
Chocolate milk (2 cups)
580 + 416 = 996
Lunch Medium Chicago-style sausage pizza (four slices)
Breadsticks (4)
Blueberry pie (1 slice)
Mt. Dew (36 oz)
1,120 + 560 + 390 + 510 = 2,580
Afternoon snack Poutine
Deep-fried cheese curds
Orange soda (36 oz)
460 + 570 + 510 = 1,540
Dinner KFC extra crispy chicken (4 thighs, 2 wings)
Garlic cheese bread (2 servings)
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Lobster bisque (1 cup)
Cream puff
Beer (36 oz)
1,360 + 380 + 120 + 340 + 240+ 205 + 420 = 3,065
Late-night snack Gyro
French fries
Taco Bell Baja beef chalupas (2)
Gin and tonic (2)
Jack and Coke (2)
Vodka and Lemonade (2)
450 + 380 + 820 + 180 + 270 + 270 = 2,370

Total calories: 12,009

Wanna see someone eat 12,000 calories in one sitting? Check out this video:

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